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So now what? How do we make the difference that we want to? Well just like any relationship, communication is the key. Thankfully technology makes this a smaller world. I am lucky to call Juan Carlos and Nestor friend and even more than that I call them family. We are able to talk almost daily. They keep our fingers on the pulse of the fire stations and keep us in tune with the needs of Villa Nueva, Zacapa, and all around Guatemala. My job here at home is to tell their story. Lucky for me, firefighters love to help. And many from around the country have been generous with donating gear and medical supplies and training curriculum and even a fire truck!

How We Do It

How do we know that we are making a difference? Relationships and communication. It is not our goal to reinvent the wheel or to dictate how the men and women of CVB perform their duties. It is only our goal to help them to better help their communities. We know that is being accomplished by their constant feedback and communication and by visiting the same stations on every trip so that we can spend time with them.

  • Delegation

    We work with the Bomberos on the ground to determine what are their immediate needs to save lives.

  • Donations

    We collect resources from our donors: Gear, Training, and Monetary Contributions

  • Develop

    We'll then develop training programs around what we've collected from our donors

  • Deploy

    Donations, Gear and Training are dispensed to the Bomberos. Lives are saved.

Fighting fires. Saving Lives.

We keep training records of all the courses that we have instructed so that the Bomberos receiving that instruction feel a sense of accomplishment and professional growth and not just have a few fun days with some crazy gringos! That enables us to see what skills are needed and improving as well as helping us to maintain these perishable skills.

12 Mission Trips
68 + Hours of Training
500 + Lbs. of Supplies

Meet Our Team

None of what we do would be possible without the hard work and dedication of our team members. Apart from being awesome, they are willing and dedicated to helping their firefighting family. Our team is made up of professional firefighters and paramedics with decades of experience and certifications to fill books and very supportive families.

Clay Johnson


John Miller


Julie Earley


Randy Creech

Responder Outreach

Commonly Asked Questions

Improving emergency responses within the fire service (Fire,EMS,MVA,HAZMAT,Technical Rescue) by teaching sustainable skills with respect to local need and call volume and resource management.

Weekly communication with the firefighters in Guatemala. A team of Instructor Certified Firefighters and Paramedics developing curriculum. Two trips a year to bring fire gear, medical supplies, rescue equipment as well as teaching by classroom presentation and hands-on skill training and responding on emergency calls alongside the bomberos

A team of invested individuals. Past success.

Weekly communication with local firefighters. Training records kept. Future trips.

Raised enough money to ship all donated supplies to Guatemala




Donor Levels

We are a 501c3 Tax-Exempt organization that believes in financial transparency. We are professional firefighters and paramedics, so this is just a passion. Nobody at Mutual Aid takes a salary (As a matter of fact, we are usually our biggest donors!), so every penny raised goes to airfare and uniforms and acquiring gear and storage and administrative costs. We have been blessed to have just enough money for each trip. But one of our immediate goals (aside from our Summer 2016 trip fundraising) is to raise enough money to ship a great amount of donated supplies in our storage unit to Guatemala via a shipping container.

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Sponsors & Donors

We thank our donors and sponsors who give goods or services for their generous contributions to Mutual Aid International, which help keep our operations going and allow us to continue our mission of aiding the Bomberos of Guatemala.

Siddons-Martin has donated a Fire Engine in 2014 and a Ladder Truckin 2017.

One World Play Project has donated "indestructible" soccer balls for us to distribute during our time in the communities.

Teachers 2 Teachers International partnered with MAI to teach basic first aid and CPR to their teachers who volunteer in remote villages

La Choza Chula partnered with MAI to train and equip local nurses in a remote location on the Pacific Coast prepare to serve their communities.

Contact Us

Thanks for your interest in Mutual Aid International. Let us know what's on your mind and we'll be in touch soon.


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